ELAIO is a contemporary Australian beauty brand offering a range of natural spa products inspired by ancient traditions to ignite your sensual and sensory mind.

Using only the purest ingredients, all our products are carefully curated to purify, beautify, and nourish your body, mind, and soul as one perfect harmony for internal bliss.

We believe in ritual

A sacred moment with one’s soul can be enough to radiate confidence throughout your entire day which is why all of ELAIO's products are deeply rooted in ancient beauty rituals. 

We are passionate

Passion is the fire which burns deep inside us ensuring we continuously strive for a more loving and compassionate world. We place as much passion in delighting our customers with our products as we do in our social and environmental responsibilities. 

We celebrate culture

Our products are wrapped in culture and philosophies inspired by ancient Greek, Egyptian, Roman, and Indian traditions, to name a few. We celebrate them all.