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ELAIO started with one question, what would the ancients use to protect their bodies?


We combines the purest beauty ingredients and philosophies from ancient cultures to nourish and protect our bodies and live in harmony with nature.


We are holistic beauty - treating the body, mind, and spirit as one ecosystem.


Our ingredients are sourced from sustainable, organic, and wild-harvested farms around the world.


All our products are naturally derived, plant-based, and scientifically formulated in Australia, and contain 98% organic ingredients.


Our oil-based rejuvenating ancient traditions are inspired by the way our ancestors protected themselves against the harsh elements.


ELAIO's lip balms contains a highly-precious, certified organic, African Moringa oil, sourced from it's natural habitat, for its unique qualities that are nutrient-rich and high in antioxidants.

 All our boutique scents are uniquely hand-crafted, using certified organic fruit extracts and precious oils.